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@threshie @seekingsquake I’m SO GLAD y’all are interested because y’all I’ve come to you with the Best AU Possible for Thor/Bruce/Clint.

Now, hear me out: it’s a Western AU. Let me elaborate.

Bruce, the wanted criminal: accused of multiple heinous murders, he is on the run from the law. He has a large bounty on his head and not an ally to be found. Who has accused him? Mayor Ross, town leader, and father of the woman he had planned to marry. Bruce was the town doctor, and while accepted for his abilities, he was also seen as an outcast for his strange affliction; an illness of the mind. He was known for his bouts of rage when put upon or threatened. He was known for dramatic changes in behavior. While no one had a name for it, they all marked it down as strange, but tolerable. But Ross couldn’t allow someone like him to marry his daughter. And, to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak, Ross blamed crimes committed by a group of bandits (that may have been lining his pockets well) on the poor doctor, including the gruesome murder of a few farmers and men and women from town. Now Bruce has fled in fear for his life, and also in fear for others, never truly certain of whether or not he did or did not commit the crimes.

Then, there’s Clint, the bounty hunter: previously a conman, and then not long after, a Bandit, Clint has cleaned up his act, if only because he started to truly fear the noose that would inevitably be his downfall. Now a renowned bounty hunter, Clint has brought in nearly a hundred high level bounties, always alive, always to hang. As a previous criminal, he knows their instincts, and with his great perception, he always recognizes a face. And, of course, with his perfect aim, he can always shoot what isn’t vital. While he hunts for new and exciting bounties, however, he’s always also on the look out for one person in particular; his brother. Barney refused to leave the life of crime with him. He continues to ruin lives and hurt people. Clint knows that someday, he needs to be put to trial. He needs to be stopped. But he refuses to allow that to happen by any other hand than his own. Along his travels he hears tell of a new bounty—and one of the highest he’s seen. Ross is willing to pay good money to get Bruce back and see him hanged. And Clint is the perfect man for the job.

And finally, Thor, heir to the empire known as Odin and Sons: Odin is a Colonel Sanders type rich man. He’s got dealings in all sorts of profit throughout the West: mining, cattle, farmland, even some stock in the railroads. His empire is far reaching and well known. And Thor is the figurehead for the next generation. He will, without a doubt, take over his father’s company—despite his urge to leave the stuffy confines of their sprawling home, and go galavanting across the desert like some amazing hero. After a trek to a cattle farm to do dealings with the owners, Thor and his traveling party are ambushed on the way back, and all are killed. Save Thor himself, who is left bleeding from a bullet wound to his side, doomed to die alone in the hot midday sun. But as he sees the buzzards circling overhead, he is saved—by a little man with kind eyes and careful, precise hands. Bruce saves him, unable to let someone die, despite his fear of being recognized, and Thor immediately knows he owes this man a life debt. He will Do Anything For Him.

So far this is all I really have. Not a concrete plot but……I really really reaLLY LIKE THIS CONCEPT A LOT 👀👀👀

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