How can you say that Bruce and Nat is a health…

How can you say that Bruce and Nat is a healthy, positive ship when she forced him to become the hulk when she knew that he didn't want to and he agreed with her that she was a monster because she can't have children?

It wasn’t healthy and positive in AOU. Everyone should have walked out of the theatre thinking that their relationship was unhealthy, based on what we saw. But it has the potential to be healthy and positive! This talks a little bit about why Natasha still loves Bruce, despite the fact that she chose to push him off the ledge. Natasha will always prioritize the mission above Bruce, and based on what we’ve seen in canon, Bruce is okay with that. After IW, Bruce seems more comfortable with transforming into the Hulk than he’s ever been before. Maybe that’s evidence that he’ll be less reluctant to enter the battle next time around.

Bruce didn’t really agree with her, per se. He doesn’t confirm or deny her statement. He just listens to her. AOU is already a crowded movie. There was no time for him to start arguing with her over whether or not her feelings were valid. Also: *shouts from the rooftops* she didn’t think she was a monster because she was sterilized! She thought she was a monster because she was trained/brainwashed to be a soulless killer!

A recurring theme in superhero lore is the idea that superheroes sacrifice personal relationships and love for the greater good. Neither of these people should be capable of healthy relationships right now. They’re both incredibly traumatized. But they have the potential to eventually reach a place where they can have better mental health and be in a happy, caring relationship. 

“Where in this world am I not a threat?” 

“You’re not a threat to me!” 

These two heroes have a lot of issues to work through, but they each understand the struggles of the other. Their mutual understanding and respect for one another is what makes me think that they could have a selfless, healthy relationship. Plus, it helps that the Hulk loves Nat just as much as Bruce does!

Feel free to send another ask if you don’t understand. I want to make sure that other people get why I ship them 🙂