In Sickness (and in health)


Summary: You never knew how to take care of Bruce when he was sick. Bruce thought you did alright anyway.

Requested: “For that prompt list, 51 and 53 with Bruce?”

A/N: I should write for Bruce more. He’s sort of a fun character to write for, ya know? Here you go anon dear! Still very done with titles. How do people do that? Unedited. The reader is gender neutral.


You yanked the wooden door open, struggling against the harsh pull of the wind, trying to keep it from crashing against the side of Bruce’s house as you rushed inside. The door slammed shut behind you and you dropped your bags to the floor with a thump. “Bruce? I’m here,” you called, attempting to comb your fingers through your windswept hair so it didn’t look so dishevelled.

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