Making Sense 1 – Sight



Making Sense: A Hulkeye Fanfic

1. Sight | 2. Scent | 3. Taste | 4. Touch | 5. Sound

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Character pairing: 
Bruce Banner x Clint Barton x Reader

Word Count:  3182

Warnings:  Bruce dealing with some stuff, Smut (light dom/sub, bi mff, oral sex,  vaginal sex, rough sex, voyeurism, masturbation, exhibitionism, come play)

Synopsis:  When Hulk starts making it difficult for Bruce to live his day to day life, Bruce starts pulling away from everyone.  You and Clint take it upon yourselves to help the two of them to work more together better and Bruce to become more comfortable in his own skin.



Bruce had been on edge lately.  There had been too many missions and Hulk was just always there.  Pressing against him.  Angry about being used.  Angry that he wasn’t trusted.  Angry because he felt like no one liked him.  Just angry and bubbling on the surface making it difficult for Bruce to focus.

You and Clint had tried to help.  You ran him baths with lavender in them.  You gave him back rubs.  You suggested going somewhere secluded where you could relax for a week and he would feel safe just letting him out.  Bruce was having none of it.  The more you tried to help the more he withdrew.  Until he started disappearing into the lab most of the night, leaving you and Clint to just worry about him.

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