Confidence – NSFW


Bruce Banner x Reader


Bruce has been asked to give a lecture and Y/N finds herself hanging onto every word.

Warnings: I’m GONNA say this is NSFW? Just in case? Not smut but it’s definitely adult content.

This is inspired by this picture! That I became obsessed with! (And had to write my feelings about) ^^ @sreppub is the artist!


Y/N sat squirming in her seat uncomfortably, she was trying to shift her thighs just the slightest without drawing in any attention to herself. She was, well she was horny! She was in awe, she was at a loss for words, she just couldn’t plain and simply believe how sexy Bruce Banner was at this very moment.

Her sweet, shy, goofy boyfriend was radiating a vibe of appeal that shot lust straight through her. She breathed deeply through her nose and swallowed. She was being ridiculous. She needed to get a hold of herself. He wasn’t even DOING ANYTHING all that sexual.

He was just….


Bruce had called and asked to give a lecture on gamma radiation and it’s properties. He wanted to decline at first but Y/N was the one to convince him to go. She knew he would enjoy it so she pushed him to go, promising she would come to support him and divert any potential Hulk questions. Y/N had expected to be sitting bored out of her mind and playing one of her phone games for the next hour or so.

But, Bruce was so… confident! He was so passionate! Everything about him seemed to change for this one moment. She wondered if he had noticed? He was standing tall and proud, his head was held high, he was speaking with such conviction. She really liked seeing him so confident and sure.

She hated when she caught glances of him shoulders hunched, head down, thinking too much. She caught those moments too many times for her liking. But now, he was really shining. She felt her stomach explode in pride (and her pussy was throbbing so much she swore it had a heartbeat but that was besides the point).

Y/N was absolutely smitten as the lecture had ended and Bruce answered the many questions (and not a single Hulk question!)

Finally the room started to clear, Bruce was sitting at his desk vigorously typing. He promised to send out a summary and some information to those who left their email addresses on a private channel.

Y/N had stood, on somewhat shakey legs and walked down to the front as casually as she could, walking past all the young starry eyed would be scientists. She looked back and saw they had all shuffled out by the time she had made her way to Bruce.

“I’m glad you convinced me to go Y/N.” Bruce stood and without looking up, had begun speaking to her. “I had no idea there was such an interested circuit in gamma radiation.” He quickly glanced at her to give her a sincere smile but double taked when he saw the glazed look she was giving him.

A mischievous smile made its way across her delicate lips. Bruce’s eyes were suddenly drawn to her lips, which were a bright and vibrant red.

Y/N took a step closer to him, eliminating the space between them as she ran her fingers along his collar, dipping her finger tips down the curve of his shirt and stopping at the top button.

“Maybe you could give me a private lesson, Doctor Banner~?”

Y/N’s eyes practically sparkled as she bit her lip just the slightest, knowing how enticing she looked.

Suddenly there was a lump in Bruce’s throat and he felt a rush of heat all the way up to his ears. His heart sped up in those few mere seconds and his hands twitched at his side.

Doctor Banner?

Hmm he liked that more then he should of… But apparently the feeling was mutual so……

Bruce’s mouth twitched up and he grinned, feeling like a predator who had just sighted its prey.

Doctor Banner…

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