what she says: i’m fine

what she means: Regardless of which personality you focus on, both Hulk and Bruce have tragic arcs in Thor: Ragnarok. 

From Hulk’s perspective, he’s gotten rid of Banner, he’s finally allowed the chance to speak and learn who he is as an individual, he’s finally found a place where he’s not only tolerated, but accepted, loved and praised for the very things that make him an outcast on Earth, and he even has a friend that only knows him as Hulk and likes him as he is. But then Banner comes back, stirring up fears of him loosing himself and stealing away an idyllic existence for him and he ultimately looses most of what he had found only to end up having to return to the very planet that he had tried to escape in the first place. 

From Bruce’s perspective, the last thing he remembers is a person he cares about betraying his trust, and when he comes to, he’s on an alien planet with only one familiar face (and one that’s only kinda familiar, though he’s not sure why) and he learns two entire years have passed during which he was completely nonexistent because his alter had assumed full control of his body and killed countless people in an arena. And without being given any time to absorb and process this, he has to work with his friends to escape and then ends up choosing to turn into Hulk to save alien civilians despite him believing that he might never change back and his choice is a sacrifice of his own existence for beings that aren’t even from his own planet.

Oh, and it’s pretty likely that little to none of this will be addressed in Avengers: Infinity War