Day 15: Favorite Pairing

Bruce Banner x Natasha Romanoff

“You’ve got lousy taste in men, kid.”

“He’s not so bad. Well, he has a temper…”

No shockers here, since their ship name is in my blog title!

(Err, one of them, at least. One thing I love about this ship is we’re a collective hot mess when deciding on it’s name. Do you call them Hulkwidow? Brucenat? Brutasha? Or the Ruffalo-preferred Nanner? Any of them work, of course. I just find it funny every time I have to tag my posts with ~50 different ship names 😂)

In all seriousness, these two are adorable together. I’ve always been a fan of Beauty and the Beast love stories. (BATB is my favorite Disney movie!) But this couple seems like so much more than that. I’m almost glad that Bruce and Hulk are probably going to be separated in the near future, because it would make their relationship a lot easier! Nat has a special type of sensitivity towards Bruce that isn’t seen as much towards anyone else, and the way Bruce looks at her in AOU is perfection. Their relationship is a huge reason why AOU is my all time favorite MCU movie.

Bruce x Nat shippers unite!

Brucenat is my favorite ship name .