It’s hilarious to see marvel fanboys on reddit trying to justify the fact that infinity war got a lower rotten tomatoes score than amatw, dr strange, bp, ragnarok, sm:hc, etc… just admit that it wasn’t that good of a movie lol

They keep insisting that it scored lower because it’s the culmination of a series of movies but harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2 got 96% on rotten tomatoes despite having the exact same “problem”. iw just isn’t as good as most of the other mcu movies in terms of plot, characterization, pacing, etc.


Yeah, i think that IW was far better than Ragnarok and BP ( I personythought BP was rather bland and Tumblr has almost ruined Ragnarok)

I love BP personally, but the overall reception of Ragnarok honestly kinda baffles me? I liked it, but I also found it super messy, and not something I get much out of on rewatches.

I’m honestly torn between BP and IW for which I prefer, since they’re both going for such different things.

Ragnarok bothers me I guess because of Bruce Banner, I mean I get it, he wasn’t in his right mind and he was out of his comfort zone, but at the end of the day he just didn’t feel like Bruce. I dunno, I guess it’s just pushing character I just don’t like, like I thought Loki mania had finally died down, but nope Ragnarok brought it back. Also, and I KNOW this is an unpopular opinion, but I felt like Valkyrie was a horrible character. She literally brought nothing to the story, like with very little reworking she could have been written out.

that’s true, bruce was off in ragnarok. it sucks that they explained it with the “he’s been hulk for 2 years so he now acts childish.” he didn’t have enough to do in ragnarok- he was only there to react to things and to eventually turn into the hulk again. but overall, the movie’s a really effective comedy. it succeeds in what it set out to do- entertain the audience, and complete thor’s arc. the emotional beats are off, but everything else in it is well-executed imo. i’ve never heard anyone make that point about valkyrie. i’d like to hear more about why you think that!