Can we just talk about how easy it would have been in Infinity War for them to mention Pietro and make it seem like he at least hasn’t been forgotten by everyone, including his sister? I mean it could have gone like this (writing in script form because I’m too lazy to write it out fully):

Natasha: Hi, Bruce.

Bruce: [He nods and smiles sheepishly] Nat …

[Sam, still holding up the injured Vision, visibly shifts. His eyes grow wide and he makes an expression that gives away his discomfort]

Sam: This is awkward.

Bruce: Hey. [He points to Wanda] You were with us fighting in Sokovia, against Ultron. Maximoff, right?

Wanda: Uh, yeah. [She inhales sharply, before taking a small step forward] I’m sorry about everything I —

Bruce: [He waves dismissingly] Don’t worry about it.

[Silence falls over the room. Bruce sweeps his gaze around, his eyes staying on each person for a few seconds. When he gets done looking at everyone, he starts to become confused]

Bruce: Where’s the other one?

Steve: What?

Bruce: There was another one. [He looks to Wanda, his expression that one of concentration] You had a brother right? Where is he? Pete, Peter … Pietro, that’s his name right? Pietro.

[Wanda shifts her gaze to the floor, her jaw clenching tightly. Natasha takes a step forward and places a hand on Bruce’s shoulder, shaking her head]

Natasha: Bruce …

Bruce: What?

Natasha: [lowly] He didn’t — [She looks over her shoulder at Wanda who was turned away from everyone, her shoulders tense. Vision was by her side, a hand on her back in comfort] He didn’t make it.

Bruce: [obviously taken aback] Oh, God. Maximoff, I — I didn’t mean —

[Wanda straightens her back and swivels back around to face the group. Her face is hard as she tries to keep herself together]

Wanda: [faltering] It’s fine.

It would have been that easy. Just like two more minutes of moving time. Would that have been that hard?

It would have been hard because it would have showed MCU’s great at writing relationships and we wouldn’t want that, would we?

WOW this would have been amazing. it would also have shown that bruce remembers enough from the fight in sokovia to know that wanda can be trusted.