Right, so I really love the point that Tony is still snarky but the moment Bruce apologizes and says the Hulk isn’t coming out, Tony backs down, comforts him and asks Wong to look after him while he readies himself to fight. Like, he doesn’t try to force it or push him off a cliff and just accepts it and even later when the chain whip thing is coming at him he tackles Bruce to keep him out of harms way and then attacks to keep the focus on him

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Avengers tattoo

I know I see Science Bros everywhere, but look at how much of Bruce and Tony’s symbols overlap. It’s like half of each was used to make the other. 


They are all connected together, that’s what’s beautiful

Infinity War Directors Clarify [SPOILER’S] Status, Debunk Soul Stone Theory

Infinity War Directors Clarify [SPOILER’S] Status, Debunk Soul Stone Theory:

Guess what rag just had to back off on one of it’s stories that was based on that cub reporter’s messed up notes from the Iowa City interview with Joe Russo???
Go comment and demand they retract all of the stories based on those tainted notes, including the Bruce x Natasha story.