I didn't like Bruce Nat, but after seeing…

I didn't like Bruce Nat, but after seeing that Buckynat stans are a bunch of assholes who expected Nat to treat Bruce badly, who spread hate about other characters in Natasha's universe, I'm all for BruceNat now, after all she was worried about Bruce in Wakanda and neither looked at Bucky. I love Bruce, Nat and Bucky, what I hate are these fans trying to make the characters look bad. Nat would never treat Bruce badly.

Hmmm. I do wish the fandom, especially BuckyNat and Romanogers fans, were more respectful towards BruceNat. Not all of them are rude, but a lot of hate pops up in our tag, and even more in the tag on instagram and twitter. Natasha has always treated Bruce with respect, even before she fell in love with him, and it’s disrespectful to her character to imply that she would ever be unkind to him. I think that the producers/creative team in Infinity War really tried to avoid picking a side on the controversial BruceNat romance, but they still had a lot of meaningful scenes together. Also, I absolutely love Bucky. I have a poster of him hanging in my room. You don’t need to trash one character to elevate your own ship.


The Russos have good ideas for the most part, but they were dead wrong about “there’s no need for a spoken resolution” between Banner and Natasha. Come on. Even the fans that didn’t like their relationship still wanted closure. They needed more of a conversation, especially because the trailer teased a bigger reunion.

Can I say that I really liked the fact, while …

Can I say that I really liked the fact, while I will admit with my fanboy ego that AoU had some big writing problems, that it's Natasha who's flirting and advancing on Bruce? I don't see a lot of that on TV or in movies, and when that does happen it's usually for sex, but that's not what Nat nor Bruce is after. They have some sort of bond, and Nat takes it upon herself to try and get the shy and nervous Bruce Banner out of his little shell. I like that a lot. :3

Oh, definitely! I was worried that Nat would be reduced to a love interest in AoU. Conversely, Bruce became her love interest to some extent. It’s great character development for Natasha because she moves from perpetually providing emotional labor for the male heroes (Cap, Tony etc) to pursuing a mutually beneficial relationship that she wants for herself. I think that the idea of dominant femininity is really fun and should be normalized more in movies. Bruce and Natasha are a great team!! Disclaimer: the writing in AoU is pretty cringey at times. But that doesn’t change the fact that the ship provides a lot of interesting trope reversals!

For who could ever learn to love a Beast?


So asks the voice at the beginning of one of the greatest of the Disney films. To break the spell that holds him, the Beast needs someone to see the good within him. He needs someone who is not afraid of him, who does not judge by appearances, who is capable of taking a massive risk on him. And he finds her.

Belle learns to love the Beast.

The MCU throws up an interesting variant of the Beauty and the Beast story with Hulk and Black Widow. It is a bit different because Natasha Romanoff knows Bruce Banner in his own right, and understands that he does not mean to do the destructive things the Hulk is capable of; the Hulk is part of him, but it is not him.

So Natasha Romanoff loves Bruce Banner, but the interesting question is: does she also love the Hulk?

Of course she does. She loves them both; the genius and the monster, the Prince and the Beast.

Which brings us, inevitably, to Reylo.

A lot of the Reylo discourse revolves around whether Rey could, or should, love Kylo Ren, given all the undeniably very bad things he has done. Many people believe that in order for Rey to be with Kylo he must be ‘turned’ back to the light, transformed somehow back into Ben Solo. Once he is ‘redeemed’, this theory goes, Rey could love Ben Solo.

I would argue otherwise. I think Rey loves Kylo Ren and Ben Solo. She loves the Prince and the Beast. And it may just be her love for the Beast that, in the end, breaks the spell.