Ok but Bruce Banner is a

  • Cute ass dude
  • That needs glasses

In Thor: Ragnorok though ya know he is on a

~Foreign Planet~

So he doesn’t have his glasses.

Meaning that there were at least three times he

  • Mistook the distance of something and ran into it
  • Couldn’t read shit and ended up somewhere he wasn’t suppose to be
  • Thor held up his fingers and asked how many fingers he was holding up while holding more behind his back bc he’s a •°clever boi°•
  • Went to push up glasses that weren’t there and Thor DEFINETELY SAW
  • Squinting like a pro
  • Thor thinking that just giving him ANY glasses(asgardians would never need glasses) will make it better so he gives him the sunglasses thinking it will make it.
  • Thor reading things for Bruce.
  • Bruce being able to read some thing but letting Thor read it because gay



I’M SORRY BUT bruce, still in an addled mental state after being the hulk for two years, comparing thor, a dangerous and grumpy space prince, to dumbo because he’s trying to convey the message that thor doesn’t need a weapon to be special, is The CUTEST

Bruce is always the cutest 😍