Help raise £900 to veterinary fees for injured…

Help raise £900 to veterinary fees for injured Snowy the stray cat:


Starving and in poor condition after finding himself on the streets through no fault of his own, Snowy was in need of a helping hand. As a stray, he was unsure of the compassionate human offering him aid; but with lots of work, patience and plentiful food, trust began to grow. His feeder grew concerned when Snowy vanished for a week – something which isn’t entirely unheard of when it comes to unneutered male strays -but her concern only grew once he finally returned. He was in a state far worse than she could have ever expected. This sweet, gentle souled boy she had grown quite fond of had been attacked, and his injuries were horific. A tail that had been bitten to the point of death; testicles that had been almost completely ripped away; maggot and infection infiltration within his wounds; and urine burns due to the effects of his tail injuries.

Snowy was in need of more help than his feeder could provide, and that’s where Ally Cats rescue stepped in to offer this this sweet boy what we hope will be a miracle. With the aid of Ally Cat’s founder, Snowy was brought to Gatehouse Vets to recieve what is sure to be a long process of treatment and hopeful healing. He has been fully castrated as a matter of urgency due to his existing testicular injuries, and is awaiting removal of an irreperable tail. It is unknown without further tests and time whether his tale injuries have resulted in severe damage to his urinary control or other life limiting side-effects that could dictate the course of his future.

What the future will hold for Snowy on his road to what we hope will be a recovery, we simply cannot say at this stage. What we do know, however, is that this sweet boy is in need of a lot of help. A lot of help which will be anything but cheap. For a rescue that deals day-in, day-out with stray and unwanted cats, the financial burden is extremely great. Any help in aiding Ally Cats to carry on helping cats like Snowy will be gratefully received.

– Update –

Snowy’s a bit grumpy tonight. He’s fed up with his collar and catheter, although he’s happy to have a fuss. Just won’t allow any touching of his legs or back, probably due to being annoyed at all the medical attention and not understanding that he’s being helped. He’s on heavy duty pain relief currently, so won’t be in any pain. At the moment he has no control over his bowel movements, but we’re hoping that this isn’t indicative of further trauma.