Avengers 4 spoilers?

Avengers 4 spoilers? :

The Leaked Avengers 4 Promo Art Seems to Confirm Some Rumors

Early this morning a piece of promotional art leaked for Avengers 4. This isn’t concept art, and there’s a difference. Concept art will often differ from the final version of the movie, where as promo art (such as this Ant-Man and The Wasp art) closely matches the look of the final movie.

But with the reveal of the promo art, some people are quickly trying to debunk it based on the appearances of some of the characters. However, if you’re familiar with the rumors of what happens in Avengers 4, the art seems to back up what’s been leaking lately.

Black Widow’s hair: If Avengers 4really does pick up five years after the snap and the deaths of 4.5 billion people on Earth, you can expect characters to look different. This also applies to War Machine’s more futuristic armor. As for Tony still wearing the Bleeding Edge armor? Well, if the rumors are true he has a very different job and role in the world after billions of people turn to dust so he probably didn’t have the free time to design new armor.Hulk wearing a suit: One of the other Avengers 4 rumors going around is that we’ll see Professor Hulk in the movie, after Banner and his buddy work things out. That image of Hulk in the promo art definitely backs this up as Banner would design some kind of suit that would stretch when he Hulks out into the intelligent Professor Hulk.

People are also freaking out about Cap shaving his beard. Leaked set photos do confirm we see the clean-shaven Cap in the movie, and the snap causing half of the planet to die likely changed things in regards to the Sokovia Accords meaning that Cap and Nat would no longer need to be on the run or in disguise.

The leaked art is apparently connected to CineEurope 2018, which takes place from June 11th through the 14th. So there’s a chance even more about Avengers 4 could be coming out over the next week.

Joe Russo about Brucenat

Joe Russo about Brucenat :

this Brazilian website makes a better translation of that Joe Russo said than CBR

I’m sorry in advance if the translation is bad .

We can not translate the comics directly into the movies – why watch the movies if you know exactly how it will end? And this is not a direct adaptation. It’s our interpretation of the Marvel Cinematographic Universe. I think Joss Whedon was trying to find interesting ways to bring the characters together and create dynamics between them. I know it sounds like an unpopular choice, but you know, you can not convince everyone … The Hulk disappeared for two years. She is very independent, she did not wait for him to come back. There is a kind of tension in the air, something that has not been said and that will have to be solved through words “, said Joe Russo .

In Infinite War, Banner and Romanoff meet again at the former Avengers base, moments before Earth’s Biggest Heroes troop heads for Wakanda, where the heroes end up facing the Black Order of Thanos (Josh Brolin). Between one battle and another, therefore, the two can not find the time to reconcile or to take a step forward in their relationship as Ultron’s Era hinted at three years ago. Will the two be together? Will the couple be happy or will the next events be even more devastating than the Avengers 3? What is your opinion?


fruit-butt: Thoughts on Avengers: Infinity WarOk, I’ve seen so many of these posts already, but I…


Thoughts on Avengers: Infinity War

Ok, I’ve seen so many of these posts already, but I supposed I should give it my shot, too! So here it goes.

I thought this movie was amazing! But like all movies it has flaws, so I’m gonna start with those and give the things I like after.

First of all, especially with movies like this, theres gonna be a lot of ways they could have easily ended it earlier. It’s understandable that the Russo brothers wanted to ignore these, because when it comes down to it, we wanted a good movie, and if it ended as soon as it started it wouldn’t be that. However, here are some ways that they could have definitely ended it. Let’s start from the beginning:

At the start of the movie, Hulk gets knocked out by Thanos. As his last act, Heimdall quickly teleported him away. This was a cool thing to do obviously, but he could have just as easily done that to Thanos. Especially since at this point, he didnt have the infinity stone in the gauntlet, or even out of the tesseract yet. They could have teleported him far away, destroyed the stone before Loki or Heimdall died, fought the other aliens and then teleported to earth. To be fair, Heimdall might not have thought of that, but as the all seeing character he is, it’s a bit surprising that he wouldn’t have been able to.

Something that annoyed me was Strange neglecting to destroy the time stone. Even though he swore to protect it, Stark’s snarky comments about swearing to give up dairy should have been taken into consideration. When Bruce said “Thanos is coming” while also looking panicked, Strange should have just destroyed it then and there. Maybe then they’d have more than a one in 14 million chance- but I dont know. I realize Strange made a promise, and it would be odd to just go back on that after the Dr. Strange movie, but still.

That’s all I have for these little theories, but I swear, if the mere chance of Ant Man shrinking the gauntlet isnt in Avengers 4, I might lose it.

Now for some character things I dont much like. As much as a lot of people might like me too, I’m not gonna shit on Brutasha. Especially not with what happened with Gamora and Quill.

I understand that it’s been building up over the movies, but their relationship was quite rushed in this. I also understand the circumstances where they know this might kill them and they wanna get it in, however there could have just been the part where Quill got angry when finding out she was dead to satisfy their relationship. It’s a bit nit picky, and it’s not like I hate their relationship- it just felt a little forced.

Also- where the fuck was Valkyrie? I know she probably got killed with the asguardians, but can’t we see her put up a fight a little, even just for a second? Especially since this started right after Ragnarok?

Now for things I liked!

I’m SO glad they didnt crush Loki’s development in the beginning. As we see at the end of Ragnarok, he wants to protect his people. He came for them, and Thor is happy, hes proud- even in the Ragnarok script, it talks about how Thor smiles when he sees his brother get off the ship, even while in Hela’s grasp. This is the most good Loki has ever been since the beginning of the first Thor, and while he does let Thanos hurt Thor a little bit, it could have just been out of nerves. Besides, you see how it sways Loki to see his brother in pain. He became a hero in ragnarok, and instead of doing what I feared- making Loki beg thanos to let him help- they let him die a hero, too.

Another thing I liked was THOR. IN A WHOLE. He was just an all around badass in this movie- he doesn’t have anything left to lose (not unless you count his friends from the avengers) and he damn sure acts like it. Hes recklessly heroic, like the Thor we all grew to love.

This might be the longest part, but I LOVED Bruce Banner in this movie, and I think he deserves every bit of praise for it. Hulk was presumably scared of Thanos. He wouldn’t come out, he refused and through tantrums. Old Bruce Banner would have stayed behind- rendering himself useless without being able to turn into the Hulk. But what does he do in IW? he steps the FUCK up, he wrecks up shit in the hulkbuster to the point of singlehandedly killing one of the strongest aliens out of Thanos’s lackeys. Even for being Hulk for 2 years, (hell, he was Bruce for about a day in Ragnarok), he didnt even hesitate to get into action when he turned back. Not to mention his development with his friends. He started off isolating himself in the first Avengers, moving out of the US itself. Now, his bonds are stronger than ever! Tony and him hugged, wanted desperately to catch up, poked fun at each other and everything. When Thor showed up, Bruce showed supportive excitement. Even if the BruceNat was shortlived, the looks they gave each other showed enough about where their bond was at. Overall, this is really shaping up to be an amazing arc with Bruce, and the middle of a great stand alone movie that Ruffalo and all the fans want.

I dont know much about Captain America, but God was he cool in this. He was charming as ever, and that whole “I am Steve Rogers” line was amazing.

Dont know much about Bucky either, but him spinning Rocket was beautiful.

Mantis never stops proving that she’s one of the most useful and cool Guardian.

Every one of Tony’s fight scenes were INCREDIBLE. Remember when all the suit could do was fly and shoot little lasers?? Remember when Tony was only seen as someone who wanted to save himself?? Remember when Tony put up a HUGE fight against Thanos?? He was an amazing part of this movie! Him and Pepper was also adorable and I hope they can get their family.

Going more into detail about Brucenat; I can’t believe the hate people still have for this ship. People say that because Natasha has a love interest that it makes her less of a hero, less cool, but this movie proves that’s untrue. Bruce is there, they see each other and still smile, still look with longing at each other, but does Nat let it stop her from fighting? Does it let Bruce stop him from fighting? How is that any different than how Tony left Pepper to go fight? Brucenat took a win in this movie.

Scarlet Witch was pretty cool! She hesitated to destroy the stone, but overall a very useful character in the movie.

Black Widow proves again that she’s an amazing and powerful fighter, she barely gets a scratch on herself while fighting the aliens. Same with all of the other women from Black Panther.

Thank you for reading! Thank you for coming to my Ted talk! I loved this movie and I hope you did too.



Haters will be fully devoted about

***In a Q&A session at an Iowa high school, when asked about deviating from the comics with these characters and creating a romance out of nowhere, he said, “That was a Joss Whedon decision so it’s not something I can speak to. We don’t directly translate the comics to the films — why go see the films when you know how it’s going to end?”

And it isn’t a translation. It’s our interpretation for the MCU — I think Joss was trying to find interesting ways of pairing up the characters and create dynamics between them. I know it seems to be a generally unpopular choice; you know you can’t win them all,” he added.

In the film, Banner, who went off-planet after Age of Ultron, is finally reunited with Widow but apart from exchanging pleasantries prior to the Wakanda battle scene, their relationship isn’t addressed at all, which left fans wondering about potential closure. “Look he disappeared for two years — she’s pretty self-sufficient, she didn’t wait around for him — there’s a sort of unspoken truth that there’s need to be a spoken resolution,” Russo concluded.

“Where do they say that the relationship between Natasha and Bruce is over? Well nowhere in my translation do they say that Natasha and Bruce need to talk about what happened after Sokovia, and Mark Ruffalo confirmed that Bruce and Natasha still have feelings for each other. I hate the way ComicBook distorts interviews. I must remind you that Comicbook has let know that they hate Brucenat and ship R*omanogers .

drrjsb: I bought “The Official Move Special to Marvel Avengers:…


I bought “The Official Move Special to Marvel Avengers: Infinity War,” a few days ago and finally had time to read it. I had pretty low expectations of finding anything new or surprising. Wow, was I wrong! I went straight for the Bruce Banner and Hulk section for Mark’s interview and didn’t get any new Brutasha news (see below), but Mark really articulated what’s happened with Bruce and Hulk in a much clearer way.

Interviewer: Where do we find Bruce Banner?

MR: Coming out of Thor: Ragnarok, Banner is no longer really linked to the Hulk through anger. It’s always been that Banner was struggling with excitability because he was afraid to bring out the Hulk. So he always felt like he was sitting on his emotions. In Thor: Ragnarok, Banner has been subjugated to the Hulk. Banner is not always angry anymore. He has a little bit more range as a character—he could get angry, he could get excited, he could get upset. I feel like Banner is reborn! He’s like a 13-year-old kid.

He’s much more able to express himself. He’s not afraid of his own emotions. He’s not afraid of fear or anger. But at the same time, he can’t summon the Hulk in the same way. The Hulk is separating away from Banner. He’s starting to be able to be other things other than just angry all the time, and he wants an existence.

I always imagined this struggle, and I didn’t know if it was going to be in some ethereal space where Banner and Hulk actually battled it out for primacy.

Interviewer: How is it for you to play that range now?

MR: I was freaked out because people get used to a brand, and then they want it that way. We’re playing with fire a little bit, but as a performer, Robert Downey, Jr., was like, “What are you doing, Ruffalo? Why are you doing that?”I think part of the problem that we’ve had with making Hulk [solo] movies is people don’t want to watch a guy who doesn’t want to turn into the Hulk, and that is exactly the thing audiences want him to do! That can get old.

I believe some of this is new and build on what Mark has previously said about the characters. I’m seeing hints of both a separation and an integration being set up. Any thoughts? I think it bodes well for the future and that last film beyond Avengers 4 on Mark’s original contract. #MarkSoloHulkMovie 

Note to Bruce x Natasha folks: Do not panic over the Brutasha section. It’s exactly what Mark said about “unrequited love” in the summer press junket interviews, and he walked it back later in the live interviews, so this is not up-to-date with what he clarified later or what Cumberbatch and he said on the Red Carpet. We know what was in Infinity War, and we’ll get more in the next film. 

If anything, what Mark says about Banner being more in touch with his emotions and less afraid of expressing them now that it won’t send him into a Hulk-out is good news for the ship. I won’t get into the juicy details here, but we all know what Bruce and Betty could NOT do in The Incredible Hulk. That appears to no longer be an issue for Bruce. (Yes, as a fic writer, I’m turning mental summersaults of delight over this!)