What was your favorite moment, saddest moment,…

What was your favorite moment, saddest moment, and most shocking moment in IW?

Thanks for asking❤❤!!
The saddest moment has to be when Spidey died, Tom Holland is such a a great actor, and then I learnt about the spider-sense thing and also poor Tony😭😭… Well, the most shocking moment was when Thanos actually snapped his fingers because I didn’t expect the villain to win (although I was shocked with Loki’s death in the first 5 minutes of the film and also Gamora’s… My children 😢). And my favorite moment… There are a lot, in fact 😂😂, but I have to say when Thor, Rocket and Groot arrive to Wakanda, I mean, the whole theater clapped and cheered and it was like one of the most heroic and epic entrances in history 😂😂. Sorry for the long answer, what moments would you choose??